Originally from the french part of the Alps, I was working as personal trainer in a premium gym downtown Geneva (Switzerland) before settling on the North Shore of Vancouver in 2018.

Since then I have been working as a strength and conditioning coach for active individuals, athletes and sports teams.

A lifelong sportsman with a passion for stand up paddle and snowboarding, early in my career I played American football for over fifteen years, mainly in the French first division as well as in New Zealand.

Why collaborate with me?

- Education is Key

- Experience Counts

- Details matter

- Building Trust

- Bring a little piece of France in your home without the jetlag

Who do I train:

Recreational athletes and exercice enthusiasts who want to improve their physique and general athleticism. They gauge success by changes in their physical apparence and/or by improving their baseline performance in strength and conditioning to feel happier, healthier, stressfree, in their everyday active and working life or to simply succeed on a given field without compromising what they socially enjoy in life.

Let's do this together:
- Move better & faster
- Get motivated
- Get Stronger
- Improve your posture
- Improve your balance
- Rehab smarter
- See Results
What I am not specialized in:  :)
- Screaming on clients to motivate them
- Texting when training clients
- Being unprepared and guessing on our next exercice.

TAHITOA is a "warrior that travels without fear " in French Polynesia


This name is part of my personal history. It means being brave, adventurous, strong, curious about people, about different cultures, respectful , nature lover, it's about caring about your family, friends and people in general, It's about always giving 200% in everything you want to achieve.

In my point of view fitness, same as life, is a journey, where It takes time to learn, grow, mastered and as a coach my role is to accompany my clients during their fitness journey to make it the best experience possible.

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